Richard Condlyffe, Featured Artist



Artist locale: Battle Creek, MI, USA

Subject matter: Underwater life

Medium: Photography - Sony Alpha cameras with a selection of wide angle and macro lens.

My specialty is underwater photography. I grew up in the UK watching the captivating wildlife documentaries of the BBC and developed a fascination with the underwater world. That spectacular submerged world seemed a million miles away from Northern England! After moving to the US over 20 years ago, I became a SCUBA diver, and started capturing underwater images soon thereafter. It's a privilege to go where most people don’t go, and to create images that bring the beautiful ocean flora and fauna to others. I enjoy the tranquility of the underwater world, as well as the unique artistic and technical challenges of photographing underwater. Sharks are a passion of mine. I have always felt comfortable around these majestic creatures and love to photograph them. I teach a class on Shark photography, helping others to get the most out of their interactions with these awesome and important creatures. I believe that through sharing images of the amazing underwater world we can educate more and more people on the need for aggressive conservation efforts to protect endangered species against illegal fishing practices, shark finning and ocean pollution.

Artist Statement


Artist Portfolio

The Splendid Toadfish of Cozumel
Pink Anemonefish
Sea Turtle Apo Island
Flamingo Tongue
Aqua Reflections
Tiger Splitting Jacks
Liquid Gold
Shark Sunburst
Sea Turtle and Sun Rays
Great Hammerhead Grin
Longsnout Seahorse