Siegfried Schreck, Featured Artist


Pianista (002).jpg

Artist locale: Niedersachsen, Germany

Subject matter: Musical Venues, Artists and Bands
Style: Visual Poetry

Medium: Photo Painting

"I started my artistic career in 1980 as a poet and songwriter. At that time I was looking for a balance to my work as a shipbuilder and crane operator in the Port of Hamburg. I wrote port poems, sea shanties, children's songs, chansons, rock and pop, and published 4 volumes of lyrical poetry. In search of new artistic challenges, I discovered my talent for abstract painting on the computer (digital painting) in 1999. I tried to use the mouse like a paintbrush and with a lot of joy in experimenting I gradually succeeded in creating my own, unmistakable painting style. “Visual poetry” - this is the best way to describe the style.  Every art has its time and I understand the computer as a suitable medium for my feelings to translate thoughts and fantasies. It is the fascination in a creative symbiosis of man and machine to discover new possibilities in art. The universe of my soul wants to wander through in search of ever new shape and color."

Artist Statement


Artist Portfolio

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