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Painting by Jan Griggs

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Sponsors may be companies, organizers, galleries and artists.

Sponsor a competition at Camelback Gallery

  • Gain additional media coverage for your company.

  • Camelback Gallery receives between 9,000- 11,000 site visits a month.

  • Your logo and URL is shared on all pages for the specific competition on CamelbackGallery.com.

  • Your company name is recognized as the sponsor in our advertising on other (typically 5) media outlets. 

  • Your company name is recognized as the sponsor on our Facebook and Instagram promotions for the competition & exhibition.

  • Your company is promoted throughout the competition and online exhibition. (up to 60 days).

Once we receive your application we will review and notify you of approval and which competition you will be sponsoring. We have two competitions a month, and the sponsorship is assigned up to 60 days in advance.  If you are not approved the sponsorship fee is refunded.

Sponsorship fee for one competition: $99.00