Tori Lynn Allen, Featured Artist


Born Again.jpg

Resides:  Aloha, OR USA

Style of work:  Abstraction

Subject matter: Diaristic Abstracts 

Medium: Oil

Artist Statement

The large scale of pieces by Tori Allen Lynn allows the viewer to be lost within the colors and textures presented. She has given names to her paintings, many of which are the titles of songs that she connects with in relation to her work. She doesn't feel that this takes away from the viewers’ experience, but rather that this gives them an opening into her psyche to help them better appreciate her art. She found a voice through painting, and others can understand that voice as it resonates within them.  As an intuitive painter, her life informs her work, making it diaristic in nature. Although her paintings help communicate her personal experiences, she wants them to evoke the audience’s memories as well.

Emerging Artist Portfolio

Van Horn
Quarantine Depression
At Least I Have Nothing
Happy Accidents
Fall in Siena
Born Again