Rael Maimon, Featured Artist

Resides: Aashkelon, Israel

Style of work:  Realism, Impressionism

Subject matter:  Animals

Medium(s) used:  Watercolor

Rael's artwork "Feral Cat" was chosen as the "BEST IN SHOW" for Camelback Gallery's "Watercolor II" International Juried Painting Competition.  Part of the award is a 3-month on-line residency on CB's Featured Artist Page. 

"I am best known for my Cats series. I am passionate about the cat family and fascinated by it. Cats inspire me in so many ways. They are such intelligent creatures; they are simply fascinating and amazing animals. My special bond with cats was created while volunteering for years at an animal rescue center in my hometown Ashkelon, Israel. Today, at home I take care of abandoned kittens, raise my elderly cats and feed many street cats. Painting cats is so much more than just capturing the texture of their fur. One challenge is depicting the cat's personality and expression. Another challenge for me is creating the right mood of the scene I'm painting. Although grounded in realism, my paintings are often impressionist in nature. My painting is my playground and laboratory. I love playing with cool-warm colors and exploring the color world. I feel blessed for being an artist, painting subjects that I love and being given the opportunity to share my artwork with the world." Yael 


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