Zimeng Wang, Featured Artist


Turkish Pop Art 3.edited.jpg

Resides:  Boston, MA  USA

Style of work:  Graphic Design Art

Subject matter:  Abstracts

Medium: Printmaking with hand-cut stencils

Artist Statement

Inspired by a private viewing of Corita Kent prints and by Islamic patterns during a trip to Turkey in 2016, I started exploring the combination of these two approaches to art and design. The layout, colors, and patterns of Islamic wall art and the modern approaches of pop art and typography seen in Corita Kent’s print work align for the perfect inspiration. Turkish Pop Art is a series of 24 prints representing this combination. “I like how freely she plays with the English letters and how she uses large bright colors together!” I thought to myself. I began by twisting and disassembling Chinese characters and English letters to make them look similar to Islamic patterns. Then added large amounts of bold color creating unexpected combinations of shapes and typography. Turkish Pop Art is a reflection of my inner thoughts and past experiences that combine Chinese heritage, Islamic Art, and Pop culture.

Emerging Artist Portfolio

Turkish Pop Art 3
Turkish Pop Art 4
Turkish Pop Art 8
Turkish Pop Art 5
Turkish Pop Art 7
Orange 1
Orange 5
Orange 2