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Monique J Dufour


Artist locale: Orba, Alicante, Spain
Style of work: Abstract
Medium: Acrylic and India Ink

Declaración del artista

Portafolio del artista

I am an intuitive self-taught painter. I paint with music and music paints through me, orchestrating a symphony of colors, movements, energies, and vibrations. Life and music and colors are my sources of inspiration and my paintings are a journey for both the artist and the viewer. I identify myself as painting from the inside out. When I paint, I am drawn to select a palette of colors, and spiritual source and energy guide my hands and creates all that is beautiful from and for the soul, which frequently provides a healing energy and vibration, that lingers with the artwork. I paint in a trance-like state, not knowing what I will create, and am drawn to paint with many layers (each layer being part of the story) and often with bold texture, with no restrictions. My abstract works encourage individual interpretation and resonance with the observer, which is my intention.

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