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Stephanie Bing


Artist locale: Korbach, Germany
Style of work: Contemporary Vivid, Colorful, Tropical
Subject matter: Interiors, Still life
Medium: Acrylic mixed media

Declaración del artista

Portafolio del artista

I compose bright, surprising settings like a luxury jewel-box, and assimilate my interiors to unknown sanctuaries with high vibes. The painting process itself is of the utmost importance in my daily life. Painting is comparable to breathing for me. I like to plunge into my painting process as others plunge into a pool. Creating a new painting is an effort to balance between visualizing and reflecting on my surroundings and emotions. The subjects of my work reflect a myriad of daily impressions from traveling and being in motion. While painting, I get an extraordinary sense of personal and creative freedom. The impressions I gain from my travels around the world, do greatly affect me. It’s always a surprise, even to me, what kind of influence these images will have on my art and which colors, emotions, and experiences will be reflected in my upcoming artwork. My highly detailed paintings, are reminiscent of Matisse, Bonnard, and Fauvism but continue to exuberant expression. My work is exhibited internationally and I am happy to be featured by an international operating gallery.

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