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Lucretia Torva


Artist locale: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Style of work: Realism
Subject matter: Shiny objects, cars, portraits, murals
Medium(s): Acrylic and Oil

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

I have lived in Phoenix for 26 years, 23 of those as a self-employed artist and decorative painter, painting murals as well as canvases. Art is philosophical for me and a place to contemplate how thoughts create stories and how imagination creates reality. I have a strong desire to assist people to experience life more fully. Through realism, careful attention to detail, rich colors and unusual points of view, my art can prompt a viewer to marvel at existence, to be more keenly aware of their surroundings and be more intrigued with their life. I am sharing my “Shiny Object” series. The series is a natural outgrowth of painting tons of automotive subjects. I have always been interested in the distortion of bent and reflective/refractive surfaces: drapery, glassware, mirrors and metal. Those reflections and wrinkles bend reality as if we are seeing another version or dimension. Additionally, within the reflective surface, I paint abstract shapes. I am able to indulge in realism and abstraction at the same time!

I create most of my income from commissions, especially murals. I enjoy the process of collaboration to bring a vision to life for a business or individual. I harness my storytelling abilities as well as my painting skills to deliver a completed work that prompts people to exclaim “Wow!”

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