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Peter Fass
Solo Exhibition
Artist locale:  Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Style of work: Impressionism

Subject matter: Figurative, Seascapes
Medium: Mixed Media Photo Art
(Photography, Digital Programs, Acrylic)

"Photography is the canvas on which, using images, color and light, I try to create and share the stories and beauty I see. I hope my work invites the viewer to join me, as well as creating their own stories, and journeys of discovery." Peter

Artist Statement

I have always been drawn to the work of the Impressionist painters, my imagination captured by the "stories" their canvases created. Photography became the way for me to tell and share my own stories.  While my "lens" captured the image, it is in the virtual darkroom of photo- editing and enhanced painting on canvas that I am finally beginning to express the stories I see as I look through the viewfinder.

Peter started his photography journey as a self taught  hobbyist.  He has always been drawn to landscapes, citiscapes, and seascapes; trying to capture them in his travels. Recently, with the continued evolution of digital editing tools, he has begun to marry the virtual darkroom with his camera images as a means of creative expression.  This has evolved into a full time passion, and he is delighted to now be an award-winning artist.  His work hangs in a number of private collections.

Virtual Show Dates: 
March 1 - 31, 2024

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