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Daniel Sackheim
Solo Exhibition
Artist locale:  Los Angeles, CA USA
Subject matter: Cityscapes
Medium: Photography

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A Salaryman's Night Out.jpg

“My process relies heavily on creative experimentation, an indispensable component toward achieving a desired outcome.  The freedom to try and fail, and try again, and fail again is a luxury in Television, where the constraints of time and budget can play an oversized role in realizing a final outcome." Daniel

Artist Statement

As a little kid, the approach of bedtime filled me with a profound dread. I embodied the quintessential image of a child, tightly clutching his trusty flashlight, haunted by the fear that elusive specters might be lurking beneath my bed, or concealed within the pitch-black darkness of the closet. 

Those fears, now distant memories, have been supplanted by an artistic fixation bordering on obsession. This pursuit has guided me into a maze of desolate city streets, bathed in the flickering glow of streetlights that seem to scarcely pierce the ominous depths of these urban wildernesses. 

This body of work explores life in the shadows of an urban jungle. My inquisitiveness is rooted in a need to discover the secrets that lie hidden deep within even the most forbidding corners of the city. To excavate the past, to stare into the faces of ghosts long forgotten. 

Inspired by the visual aesthetic of Film Noir, this work explores isolated fragments of subjects once there but now gone, as a means of shining a light on what is hidden, if only for an instant. 


DANIEL SACKHEIM is an Emmy Award-winning, film & television director and producer best known for his work on such acclaimed television series as HBO’s True Detective, Game of Thrones, Jack Ryan and The Americans.

A partial list of his directorial credits includes M. Night Shyamalan’s Servant, Better Call Saul, Jack Ryan, The Leftovers, Man in the High Castle, The Walking Dead and HBO’s critically acclaimed Lovecraft Country. 

Sackheim’s feature film credits include the Sony Pictures Thriller The Glass House, which he directed, and stars Diane Lane, Stella Skarsgard and Leelee Sobieski.

In addition to his prolific career in film and television, Sackheim is an accomplished photographer. His photography explores the enigmatic nature of urban landscapes, capturing the hidden stories and emotions that reside within the shadows of bustling city streets. 

He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions to his credit, including a recent show at London’s Iconic Images Gallery, the Soho Photo Gallery in New York, The Leica Gallery in Los Angeles, as well as the upcoming Solo show at the SE Center for Photography in Greenville, SC. 


His work, has been the recipient of numerous prestigious photography awards, including Photo Lucida's Critical Mass Top 50, Lens Culture ‘23 Street Award, and Eyeshot Magazine’s 2023 International Open Call.  

Virtual Show Dates: 
June 1 - 30, 2024

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