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Camelback Gallery organizes monthly themed international online juried art competitions, in various mediums to give all visual artists, both emerging and experienced, an opportunity to improve their presence through, gain online media and social media exposure at an international level, enhance their resumes and be a part of a growing community of award winning artists. Camelback Gallery works closely with major art media outlets to promote artists work including The Art Guide, Art Week, Art Base, and Artchain.Info.  These media outlets combined have thousands of newsletter subscribers and over 40,000 site visitors monthly. The mission of Camelback Gallery is to get the artist "virtually" in front of art buyers, fellow artists and art lovers. Camelback Gallery receives 7000-8000 site visitors a month and has an established community of artists.


Camelback Gallery was founded by Kassandra Sheerin, a passionate art collector and art consultant, with a degree and background in public relations and advertising.  Kassandra has worked closely with start-up companies as well as fortune 500 compaines in advertising, marketing and sales and is currently working in the art industry as a consultant and artist representative.  She realized there was a need for artists to have better platforms with more exposure to show their work, so Kassandra began working on in 2017.  "Not every artist has the opportunity to gain exposure in a traditional gallery and definitely not at an international level. I personally enjoy working with artists from around the world and am passionate about giving those artists an opportunity to be seen." Kassandra


Other opportunities at Camelback Gallery include a one-year online residency on the Featured Artist page & the Bi-monthly Solo Exhibition page. These pages are open to all artist who wish to go through the application process, be juried and selected. The CB team encourages artists to submit an application as it is cost effective way to be promoted internationally.  “This is a great opportunity for the artist because it is an inexpensive marketing tool that allows CB to represent the artist and promote their work.” Marie McCallum, Lead Juror

It is also important to the Camelback Gallery team that they provide exceptional customer service by keeping artists up to date and informed throughout the entire event.  The CB Team feels passionate about promoting the artist's artwork on an international level and they hope that each artist will enjoy being a part of the Camelback Gallery community! The jurors are also very happy to provide feedback to the artists with juror notes, whether or not they are award winners.  If there is ever a questions ~ please ask!

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