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Camelback Gallery, based in Scottsdale Arizona, organizes monthly themed on-line juried art competitions in various mediums to give all visual artists an opportunity to enhance their on-line presence on, gain social media exposure, enhance their resumes and have an opportunity to win prize money.  The contests are strictly on-line and the award winners are published as an exhibition on-line at  The entry fees are $18 - $25 based on the event. All entry fee monies received are used for costs associated with the event and to pay eligible award winners. 

Camelback Gallery also offers "free" art competitions throughout the year.  There is no cash award, however, the award winners receive the same media promotion as the paid competitions.

Camelback Gallery also offers a one-year residency on the "Featured Artist" page.  Artist may apply and are selected by Jury.  The application fee is $69 and is fully refundable if the applicant's artwork is not selected.

The Competitions are Juried.  The jury process insures that good quality fine art is exhibited and like any juried events, not every artist or every piece of art is accepted into the final competition. 


We hope you find Camelback Gallery's art competitions fun and rewarding and wish you the best of luck if you chose to enter!  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us!

Questions? Send us a message.

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