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Jan Lowe


Resides: Ventnor, Victoria, Australia
Style of work: Realism & Impressionism
Subject matter: Animals and Nature
Medium(s) used: Scratchboard and Watercolor

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

When I paint and draw, I like to convey a story to the viewer. Exploring the concept of and personality of the subject either, animals, landscape, people, or cityscapes, investigating the dynamics of the subject, including the manipulation of its effects. My aim within art is to tell a story and encourage creativity. The subjects are ones I know well, and I am so passionate about capturing an animal’s uniqueness, its personality or, in the case of the people, it is based on an individual meeting during my travels. On catching a scene, I will try to create an understanding of the encounter that bewildered me, by catching the vitality, the colors, the emotion, passion, and record that moment. My preference is drawing with a blade onto a black Scratchboard surface and place color with watercolor, and most of my scenes are on Claybord with watercolor.

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