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Jennifer Tepper


Artist locale: Tucson, AZ, USA
Style of work: Abstracts
Subject matter: Human emotion
Medium: Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

Abstract art is intuitive and inclusive - we experience it and find our own unique meaning from within the confines of our own lives. My work speaks to the soul that resonates in all of us - it is a journey of authentically honoring my time here on earth and connecting with the elemental experience of being human. I focus on beginnings and endings, light and dark, and the exploration of the full range of human emotion and transformation. I always choose the titles of my paintings as quiet guides for others to see their own lives, experiences, or dreams within them.

I strive to connect with other people in my work, evoking a special time or place, dreams, or memories, for them. I love abstract art for this reason - the meaning is in the eye of the beholder, and I love it when people connect their own lives and experiences to something in my work.

Art has the capacity to help us tell our stories. It encourages us to listen to the quiet voice inside that wants to lead us to our best lives, and can be a visual reminder to pursue our dreams no matter how wild or impossible they may seem. I hope that my paintings speak to others within their own lives and help them tell their stories, as creating them helps me to tell mine.

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