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Jonathan Eiten


Artist locale: Gorham, Maine, USA
Style of work: Still Life, Realism
Subject Matter: Objects
Medium: Oil

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

I am inspired to tell a story! Antique and organic objects conjure up unique memories and feelings. I find beauty in the wear and patina of old objects and reflections in glass and silver, and simplicity and humor in whimsical objects. A still life with a single object is appealing for its balance and focus whereas a painting with multiple objects brings movement and contrast. In my realistic rendering of objects, I paint so an image can be enjoyed at first glance for its beauty and clarity but work to create depth, so the interest grows upon multiple viewings. I achieve this through first drawing the image on the panel or canvas and then add a grayscale (black and white) painting to establish the contrasts of light and dark. I then add layers of color to draw the viewer in to the painting.

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