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Katy Bishop


Artist locale: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Style of work: Abstract
Subject matter: Abstract (color, floral or landscape)
Medium: Alcohol Ink

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

My vibrant, colorful, energetic abstract artworks are created with alcohol ink on various surfaces. I explore the delicate balance between control and surrender as I guide the pigments. It all begins with a concept before I push, pull, blow, brush, dilute, squiggle, smudge, tilt, blot and use any other way to move and control the ink. The results are gestural abstracts that fuse elements of perception, randomness and control. For my works on plexiglass, I also embrace the challenge that comes when painting in reverse with a medium possessing a mind of its own. In my journey as an artist, I paint what I feel, not what I see, capturing and embracing the spirit of the concept.

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