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Rajul Shah


Artist locale: Singapore
Style of work: Abstract
Subject matter: Japanese Art of Kintsugi
Medium: Traditional mixed media

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

The Japanese Art of Kintsugi inspires the translation of my artwork to address aspects of the human condition and its ability to recover from illness, injury, or trauma. I apply this concept to The “Kintsugi Chakra” collection to address the energy centers of the human body. We have 7 energy centers that encompass our spiritual energy. When one of them is out of balance, it can lead to physical manifestations of our emotional spirit. For example; Muladhara is the 1st chakra, its aura color is Red and the affirmation is “I am”. As it represents the Root Chakra with the energy center in our legs, when it is out of balance; it can lead to mental health disorders, bak and leg pain, etc. Each Chakra carries its own unique aura color. The Japanese Art of Kintsugi, whereby a pottery vessel is mended using gold splicing and tree sap, transforms an object into a work of art. Our bodies can experience this healing evolution with renewed strength and purpose.

I moved to Japan in 2012 after retiring from my first career in healthcare. I trained extensively across Oil, Sumi-E/Nihonga, and Acrylic for 7 years between the Tokyo Campus of Temple’s Tyler School of Art and Professional/Studio workshops. I moved to Singapore in 2019.

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