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Steve Seagren


Artist locale: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Style of work: Realism
Subject matter: Urban Landscape
Medium: Acrylic

Artist Statement

Though technically I am a native Californian (I was born in Fresno), I grew up in Chicago Illinois. I studied painting and print making at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 1983 I left art school to pursue a career in the performing arts as an actor and standup comedian (you can check me out on IMDB). In 2018 I returned to painting. I’m into southern California sunlight, the brightness of it, the feel of it, what it does to color. I’m looking for a vibe in my work, a sense of calm, a stillness. I want the viewer to feel something of the world just beyond the painting, like the heat of the sun overhead, a sense of something just around a corner or on the other side of a fence, a world just out of view but felt thru light, shadows and reflection. I want the viewer to want to jump in and walk around in there.

Artist Portfolio

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