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Diana Dimova TRAXI
Solo Exhibition
Artist locale:  Bulgaria
Subject matter: Abstracts
Medium: Acrylic



In my Creativity, I bow before Life!

I paint Movement and Light

I paint through material transformation - pouring acrylic on canvas. My paintings are alive and determine how to finish them.

My works are born from small particles of Movement, Light and Love, merged at the perfect moment, because right here and now - Life is Wonderful!

In addition to paintings, I also have fashion collections based on my art.

"I adore Abstract Art because it gives me the Freedom to paint Feelings, Sensations, Aromas, Elements, Nature, Dreams, and even the Future."  TRAXI


Diana Dimova TRAXI is an international award winning , Bulgaria based, abstract artist.  She is a member of the International Art Club "ASM-Club" and actively participates and promotes the initiative "We continue together towards Life", which aims to decorate hospital wards in Bulgaria with Art

Organized a charity auction for the rescue of the Feather-legged Cuckoo, a bird protected in the Red Book of Bulgaria, and the collected money was donated to the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds.

Virtual Show Dates: 
April 1 - 30, 2024

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