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Carol Schmauder


Artist locale: Spokane, WA, USA
Style of work: Traditional Realism
Subject matter: Nature
Medium: Acrylic

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

I am a graphic designer that entered the world of fine art in 1988 after taking watercolor classes from Stan Miller and MaryAnn Figgins. I was intrigued by the spontaneity of the medium and painted mainly in watercolors until 2016 when I began painting in acrylics as well. Nature often inspires me to paint beautiful scenes. Walks in the countryside stimulate my senses and I am very prone to paint scenes involving bodies of water of some sort; waterfalls, lakes, rivers, the ocean. I enjoy painting flowers, birds, and different forms of animal life as well. I prefer painting themes that are happy in nature. Even though I have experienced many rocky patches in life, I have no desire to incorporate feelings of angst into my work. I feel that there are many beautiful things in life to concentrate on rather than those that are sad in nature and these are the focus of my paintings. Painting brings me much peace and happiness. If my paintings bring joy to the viewer then I have accomplished my goal.

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