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Rick Heck


Artist locale: Gilbert, AZ, USA
Style of work: Abstract
Subject matter: Landscapes and seascapes
Medium: Acrylic

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

I always loved creating new things. I began my creative experience with music. Soon after learning the basics I began composing my own songs. I ventured into jazz and improvisational melodies. I loved the freedom of taking what was in my heart and transferring those feelings and thoughts to my hands and creating something new . I explored other ways to create - from writing song lyrics, poetry and to eventually the visual arts. I began painting in various water media , focusing on watercolor in particular. I looked for a way to express myself and my love of color, texture and shape. I found my "voice" in contemporary abstract art using acrylic paint. Painting is my passion. I use brushes, sponges, trowels, spatulas, knives, and many other objects to move paint around and to give the painting its texture. Whether it be landscape, seascape or abstract, my joy is seeing the shapes evolve into pleasing passages that fire the imagination of the viewer and capture the spirit it evokes.

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